Enjoy your visit from the air and the sea

Are you passionate about enjoying the tropical breeze of the island of Tenerife flying over the magnificent coastline of the Americas? Then you can’t miss this opportunity to feel like the King of the Sea. We offer you a magnificent package of aquatic attractions that will allow you to discharge pure adrenaline.

Parascending, parachute flight aboard a sports boat

We start practicing Parascending, a paragliding modality that combines parachute flight with a crossing on board of a sports boat, provided with a take-off and landing platform, where the parachute will be hooked, in which you will slowly ascend to the sky to make a magnificent trip with a bird’s eye view.

From a height of 200 meters adjusted to a harness, you will be able to contemplate the views that our island offers. The safety ropes have an anchorage at the back of the boat and as the boat accelerates, you will get higher and higher.

You will be suspended in the air for about 10 minutes, enough time to contemplate the landscape. Then the crew will pull the cable little by little until they bring you back to the boat in a totally safe and pleasant way.

When you start to descend, you will be lowered until you lightly touch the water. The rest of the people will stay on the boat for about 30 minutes while others fly.

Glide over the sea in Jetski

After an exciting flight in Parascending, come and enjoy the most intense 20 minutes that you will have lived lately in a circuit of motorcycles with four bollas in front of Las Americas to practice in a safe way of jet skis under the supervision of monitors.
Nautical motorcycles are the most eco-friendly motorcycle boats today. In addition to being an excellent and fun way to do tourism, practice sports and enjoy the sea.

You will never forget the sensation that you will live on board a jet ski. The 20 minutes are planned for your first contact with one of the fastest machines that cross the seas, suitable for all types of public. Our expert instructors will take care of your safety and you will also be able to ride your own motorbike and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the open sea.

You will be able to fly over the sea, make 360 degree turns and compete with your friends to see who is faster. What we want with this service is that you feel the driving of our motorcycles in the most “extreme” way but with security.

Fly, jump, wet and hold on tight

It is clear that aquatic activities offer unique sensations. That’s why we also offer you the Fly Fish adventure for 10 minutes with a maximum group of 5 people. It is an activity like the traditional banana but with light flights, which will be towed by a boat for a brief but intense experience off the coast of the Americas.

The special design of Fly Fish allows that with the combination of speed, waves and wind, you can slide and fly along the coastline of the Americas as a flying fish.

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