7 reasons to visit Teide National Park.

Are you going for the first time to visit the Teide National Park, or maybe on several occasions they have come here and are you sure you have seen everything? Believe it, Teide National Park may surprise you!

Enjoy your visit from the air and the sea

Are you passionate about enjoying the tropical breeze of the island of Tenerife flying over the magnificent coastline of the Americas? Then you can’t miss this opportunity to feel like the King of the Sea.

A walk between whales and dolphins

Today it’s time to go for a walk by the sea. There is nothing more rewarding and pleasant than spending a day sailing in one of the best areas of Tenerife and with the enviable climate that characterizes us throughout the year.

It combines water sports with the best gastronomy

One of our star offers is undoubtedly the one we offer you below. This is a watercraft safari, known as Jet Ski, which ends in one of the most elegant, warm and cozy environments on Troya Beach: the Terrace of Mare.

Paddle Surf in Tenerife, start sliding over the sea

Would you like to travel through the water while standing on a surfboard? Then don’t miss out on the exciting adventure of Paddle Surfing or also known as rowing surfing. Come on and enjoy it!