A walk between whales and dolphins

Would you like to travel through the water while standing on a surfboard? Then don’t miss out on the exciting adventure of Paddle Surfing or also known as rowing surfing. At beachtenerife.com we have group or individual excursions for you to enjoy this new sport where you can paddle in the open sea and in ports or any large body of water.

Paddle Surf is a form of sliding where the person has to use an oar to move through the water on a surfboard. The difference with surfing is that it does not need a wave or wind.

This form of surfing originated in the Polynesian islands and has now become very fashionable all over the world due to its easy learning as well as being quite accessible to many people.

In addition, Paddle Surf improves your physical appearance and reduces daily stress, while you enjoy in the water. On the other hand the stability, the trunk and the posture are worked in a latent way, that is to say, that without realizing it, the muscles and the natural reflexes of the balance are strengthened. It also generates extra calories regardless of the rate of paddling.

Age? It’s no problem. In optimal conditions it can be practiced by all types of people, from the youngest to the most mature.

A tip for Paddle Surfers is that when we notice that we are losing control of the board, we should kneel on it instead of standing. In this way, the balance is controlled and we avoid falling into the water.

In the south of Tenerife, along our coasts, we have the opportunity to do this sport. The price is 30 euros per person for group or individual excursions. The duration of this activity is two and a half hours, and the departure will be from Los Cristianos.

Don’t think about it and dare to experience the magical adventure of sliding over the sea.